Unlocking previously unavailable data and making it simpler for you to assess the impact of loyalty efforts over time and across outlets.


Insights is an event driven analysis tool that enables you to easily, and independently, view valuable loyalty campaign performance data over specified time periods and by reporting level (group, retailer, and individual outlet). Enhanced data visualisation capability allows you to quickly monitor the impact of your loyalty campaign(s), across a more flexible outlet hierarchy structure.

How does it help you?

By comparing time periods, you can gather the information that matters, analyse it to find patterns, see what’s working and what isn’t, and then take action based on those insights.

You shouldn’t need to be a data analyst to read the stories your data is telling you. That’s why we’re continually simplifying our reporting functionality so it’s digestible and empowering. 

We know all businesses aren’t structured in the same way, so we’ve given our hierarchical structures a refresh. With our new flexible hierarchy structures, so can view your operational performance across multiple levels in a way that makes sense to you.

How does it work?

You can find Insights via the left hand-side navigation. From the Insights page you can use the drops-down menu at the top of the page to control the level you wish to look at - either at the entire group level, for a specific retailer or right down to a specific outlet. On the top right you can use the calendar view to choose the time period you wish to examine (click on the date filter to select or type your chosen time periods).

Once your level view and time period has been selected you can use the event and metric selector to choose which specific event you wish to analyse. You can also choose how to group the data displayed using the group by option. The order of the group by options will control the order of the grouping.

Events you can analyse include.

  • Transactions
  • Ratings (feedback)
  • Vouchers Redeemed
  • Vouchers issued
  • Campaigns Triggers
  • Stamps Earned
  • Points Earned
  • Points redeemed
  • Promo code redeemed
  • Referral sent
  • Referral Completed

We are always adding to this list where possible.
You can choose to display your data in any of the following graph formats.

1.Table - Shows the results in a table format with total values with a bar chart to easily compare results



2. Line - breaks down the totals and plots them on a graph over time

    • You can control the frequency of the plot using the drop down on the top right of the graph, where you can select either daily, weekly or monthly
    • On the right of the graph you can see each of the lines plotted and use the tick boxes to control what is shown

You can search through items to plot using the search bar on the top right of the graph and use the select all checkbox to select all items showing.



3. Pie - Shows the total values in a pie chart format

    • On the right of the graph you can see each of the items shown on the chart and use the tick boxes to control what is included
    • You can search through items to include using the search bar on the top right of the chart and use the select all checkbox to select all items showing.




The data shown on the graph can then be exported to a CSV using the export button. The link to the specific selection can then also be copied and when opened will take you back to the exact results currently shown.


So there you have it. New data pulled, a flexible hierarchy and easy-to-use reporting functionality with digestible visual data formats. 

Go forth and analyse.


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