Your New Engage Dashboard Has Arrived

We have enhanced your Engage Dashboard so you can view the most important information at a glance and make the most out of your customer metrics.

Don’t worry - all your metrics are still available to view. We’ve simply rearranged how the information is displayed so that you gain more insight into your customers’ activity and overall lifecycle.

See below to find out how each section of the Engage Dashboard has been enhanced for easier navigation. 

  1. Landing page

If you have access to multiple retailers on the Engage Dashboard, you just need to select the relevant retailer you want to view. The landing page now looks like this:

If you only need to view one retailer on the Engage Dashboard, you will land directly on the Customers page (previously known as ‘Segments’) as shown below.

2. Customers 

The Customers page now outlines key metrics that relate to your customers and their activity through three main tabs - Customers, Segments, Charts. 

  • Customers tab

The default is set at “All”when you reach this tab, which reveals an overview of all your customers. You can then filter this information down by clicking the tags next to “All” or by utilising the filter below. 

The page also presents valuable information, including the total number of customers, average transaction value and customer lifecycle.

  • Segments

This page includes a Segment manager so you can view and edit segments that you have previously created and saved (the example below shows segments that were created and saved). 

To maximise the ROI of your marketing activity, we will shortly release a new campaign builder that will enable you to, not only build campaigns, but also send these campaigns to your tailor-made customer segments. 

  • Charts

This  page provides you with on overview of your customer activity and includes key metrics, including the number of active users and average spend per user. For further information on these charts and your customer activity, please visit our Customer Activity article. 

3. Campaigns

The campaign builder has now been placed before your other loyalty schemes, such as Stamps Cards and Points Rewards. We’ve also improved your campaign builder so that you can now create, save and utilise customer segments to send out highly-targeted marketing campaigns in minutes. Stay tuned - the campaign builder is on its way.

Want to know more? Please read our Yoyo’s New Campaign Creation Flow article. 


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