Stamp Card Performance

Note: if you are unsure what a digital stamp card is, take a look at our What is a Stamp Card article. 


Stamp Card Performance

Your Yoyo dashboard provides you with real-time stamp card performance data.

Located in the Stamp Cards tab, a graph summarises data from all of your active stamp card schemes. If you have more than one stamp card the data will be combined in the graph. 

E.g. if you have both a “Hot Drinks” and a “Sandwich” stamp card, their results will be aggregated in this graph. 

Stamp Cards Filled: the total number of stamp cards filled. 

E.g. 1 customer who fills up 3 stamp cards - number reported is 3.

Rewards Redeemed: the number of rewards (vouchers) that have been redeemed after filling up a stamp card. 

E.g. 1 customer who fills up 3 stamp cards and only redeems 2 rewards - number reported is 2.   

Individual Stamp Card Performance

Below the line graph you will see a list of your Stamp Cards. This section gives a more detailed overview by breaking down the data per stamp card.

Released: the number of stamp cards that have been filled up. 

Redeemed: the number of full stamp cards that have been redeemed. 

Note: all values are relative to the selected time range. You can change the date range using the date picker in the top right hand corner. 

For details on how to create a Stamp Card check out our how to guide here

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