In-App Purchase Performance

Note: If you would like more information on what an in-app purchase is and how they work, check out our In-app Purchase Article.

In-App Purchase Performance

Your Yoyo dashboard reports on the performance of your in-app purchases in the “In-App Purchases” tab. 

Here you can see which items your customers are purchasing in-app and redeeming in-store.

The graph summarises the performance of all in-app purchases that were redeemed or purchased. 

If you have an offer for lunch meals as well as one for soft drinks, they will both be represented in the graph. 

Items Purchased: the number of items that have been purchased in-app. 

E.g. if a customer purchased 1 offer for 20 items (buy 16 get 4 free), the number reported will be 20. 

Items Redeemed: the number of items that have been redeemed in-app. 

Individual In-app Items Performance 

The bottom section gives a more detailed overview by breaking down the data per item. This also tells you which offers and promotions are the most, or least, popular  amongst your customers. 

Items Purchased: the total number of items that were purchased. 

Items Redeemed: the total  number of items that were redeemed

Note: all values are relative to the selected time range. The date range can be changed using the date picker at the top right hand corner of the page. 


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