Implementation Process for EPOS

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To get started, complete Yoyo’s onboarding form. This will require information such as:

  • VAT number (retailer and outlets)
  • Addresses (retailer and outlets)
  • Contact information (primary contact, finance contact, visual images contact)
  • Outlet Information (names, number of tills, location)
  • Invoicing details (bank account references)
  • Disbursal details (name, address, PO reference)
  • ePOS provider’s name
  • Scanners required (number and shipping details)

Loyalty Schemes

A key part of a successful launch is to create the most engaging loyalty schemes for your customers. 

We recommend a varied points store with a good range of points values, stamp cards and an acquisition campaign (e.g. offering double points on the first three transactions, or a promo code offering a free hot drink).

You can find further information about loyalty schemes and campaigns here.

Retailer Space

Your in-app Retailer Space is your home within Yoyo, which you can personalise by submitting your own brand assets. 

To complete your retailer space you will need a:


We recommend both cashier training and Engage training to be completed before launch.

On-Site marketing 

Critical to launch success is the initial promotion activity. Our On-Site Awareness Guide provides a step-by-step approach to promotion, both through in-store collateral and cashier promotion. Please confirm materials have been received and assembled.

Hardware request and order

If hardware/devices are required, we will first send you a quote for the devices. Once you have accepted the quote, we will place the order and have it shipped to the appropriate location. Once received, you can plug in the devices directly.

Test transaction completed

Once ePOS has configured the site tills, test transactions need to be run to confirm set up.

Final app reviewed

Once confirmed, we can provide access for you to do a final check of all representation in the app, including: imagery, copy, loyalty schemes and campaigns.

Yoyo store launch

Your site will be made visible in the app and your customers will be able to start transacting with Yoyo.

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