Yoyo Scanner Options

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The key requirements for Yoyo scanning devices is that the scanner can read a 2D QR code displayed on a mobile device screen.

Scanners can be sourced in 3 ways:

  • Your EPOS provider can provide scanners
  • You can source a scanner independently 
  • Yoyo can order devices on your behalf

How to Request Scanners to be ordered by Yoyo:

Are you new to Yoyo or onboarding a new outlet?

If you are currently going through the on-boarding process, you will be asked if you require scanners from Yoyo within your onboarding forms.

Already on Yoyo?

If you are in need of additional or replacement scanners/parts, please contact partnersupport@yoyowallet.com


Wired Scanner options:

The following options include the Newland FR21, FR4080 and FM30 Scanner. 

Newland FR21 Neon

Description: This is an all in one, standing scanner.

Price (excluding VAT)

GBP: 99.00

Tech Specs can be found here 

Newland FR4080

Description: This is an all in one, standing scanner.

Price (excluding VAT)

GBP: 119.25

Tech Specs can be found here


Scanner & Pole Mount
Full technical specs can be found here.

Description: This is a free standing scanner, which includes the Newland FM30 scanner, scanner holder and pole mount. 

Price (excluding VAT)

GBP: 161.65

Scanner & PDQ attachment

Description: This options attaches the Newland FM30 scanner to your PDQ holder. 

This includes the Newland FM30 scanner, scanner holder and PQD attachment. 

It is connected to your PDQ holder with 2 small screws (included).

Price (excluding VAT):
GBP: 146.50


Wireless Scanner options:


Description: A compact, handheld bluetooth scanner. Ideal for environments where there is limited free space around the point of sale.

Price (excluding VAT): GBP: 150.50
Charging Cradle (Optional, excluding VAT): GBP 16.00

Tech Specs can be found here



Description: Newland’s HR3290 CS combines the convenience of a portable wireless device with excellent 1D and 2D barcode scanning and ZigBee networking capabilities.

Price (excluding VAT): GBP: 246.50

Tech specs can be found here


Orders may also include:

Shipping Fee: 15.00 GBP plus VAT, shipping will be charged per delivery address.

Process Fee:
25.00 GBP plus VAT

For more information on our scanner options please contact your CSM or email partnersupport@yoyowallet.com



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