How to get my EPOS integrated with Yoyo

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A number of EPOS providers have integrated with Yoyo using our API. The process is straightforward and can be described as below:

1. The EPOS provider contacts Yoyo requesting integration. They should e-mail with the following information:

  • Company name
  • Main contacts for both commercial and technical queries (including names, email addresses and phone numbers)
  • Reason for requiring integration

2. A member of the Yoyo team will send a non-disclosure agreement to the EPOS provider in order for us to share our integration knowledge. 

A phone call may take place beforehand, if we require further information.

3. When the NDA has been signed, Yoyo will send a detailed integration pack to the EPOS provider. This will contain all necessary technical instructions, describing our API and how to integrate.

4. Once the EPOS provider is ready to test the integration, they should request a:

  • Test retailer account
  • Test app user account

5. When the EPOS provider is happy with their integration, they will need to go through the QA process with Yoyo’s technical team. This is to ensure that all is working as it should be. This may be an iterative process.

6. Once the QA process has passed, Yoyo will offer official certification to the EPOS provider.

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