Yoyo EPOS (tills) Overview

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Yoyo’s EPOS solution is an integrated solution. 

Yoyo integrates with your EPOS (till) software, which enables the till to speak to Yoyo’s servers. 

To find out more about Yoyo’s IT requirements for EPOS, please see here.

The tills are configured by your EPOS provider through a unique Yoyo identification to your retailer and outlet. 

When a customer transacts with Yoyo at your till, Yoyo identifies a customer at the point of purchase and connects them to their transaction, basket data and the outlet. 

This transforms your formerly anonymous footfall into customers you know, and enables you to analyse collective behaviours and uncover powerful insight through segmentation. 

To find out more about Yoyo-powered customer insights, please see here.

Yoyo’s EPOS solution is very easy to use for cashiers. A 2D scanner is connected to the till which is used to read your customer’s Yoyo Wallet QR codes. 

If your EPOS Software Provider doesn’t have an integration with Yoyo, you can initiate the kick off of an Integration Project between your EPOS and Yoyo Wallet. See details here.

To find out more about the EPOS implementation process, please see here.

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