What is a Yoyo-Powered Campaign?

Campaigns help you connect with your customers beyond your store’s premises and increase the number of people you interact with. They can also help shift customer behaviour in a way that is positive to your business.

You can easily set up marketing campaigns within Engage and showcase your offers in-app to a wide range of customers. Watch our guide to find out how to create segmented marketing campaigns.

What do Campaigns look like?

Your campaigns are the very first thing that your customers see when they tap on your in-app branded profile. Campaigns are displayed on a banner that customers can either tap on to view more details, or slide through to see what other offers you have made available. 

The Key Elements of a Campaign

Every Campaign needs to contain the following 4 elements:  

1. Conditions:
Allow you to define the parameters of the campaign. 

2. Audience:
Choose the customers you want to reward.

3. Incentive:
Help you incentivise customer engagement with a reward.

4. An In-app Banner:
Showcase your offer in-app to reach a wider audience.


The campaign conditions define what type of behaviour you want to influence. Customers will need to meet all the conditions that you have selected in the campaign rules to trigger the campaign, so make sure that you choose conditions that closely match the behaviour you would like to incentivise.


If you want to motivate your customers to participate in your campaign and positively impact your business you need to create an incentive for them to do so. The following incentives are available for you to choose from when creating your campaign:

  • Stamps:Award a bonus stamp to any of your active stamp cards.
  • Points:Award double, triple or a fixed number of points.
  • Vouchers:Award a voucher that can be used against a free or discounted product.

The whole process is automated, meaning that your cashiers don’t have to do anything differently. 

As long as the transaction occurs within campaign conditions, customers will be appropriately rewarded for their engagement. 

In App Messaging 

The in-app banner is located in your in-app branded profile and ensures your campaign is visible to your customers. Customers can swipe to see all live campaigns, or tap to view the conditions. 

Now you know about the key elements of Yoyo Campaigns, you're ready to choose the campaign type that best fits your needs!

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