What is the Status of my Campaign?

Where can I find the status of my Campaign?

When on your Engage account, go to the Campaign Launcher. You’ll find the different campaign states above the all the types of campaign. 


  • It’s the default status that your for a new campaign
  • Your campaign will remain in the draft section of the campaign launcher until you submit it for review. 
  • Your new campaign is automatically saved and stored as a draft when moving through the different sections of the campaign builder. 



  • Once you built your campaign, you need to submit it for review. Our team and your Client Success Manager (CSM) is automatically alerted. 
  • The campaign can either directly be approved, or sent back with some recommendations. 
  • If approved, its status will switch from Processing to Scheduled or Active
  • If we have any suggestions, we’ll notify you by email and we’ll change its status once you’re happy with it. It’s status will become Returned. 



  • Any campaign that’s been approved before its due date becomes Scheduled. 
  • The Scheduled campaign will automatically become Active on the day it’s due to start.
  • We encourage all your campaigns to be built and reviewed before you’d like them to become active. 



  • A campaign is Active when it’s been approved and is within its start and end date. 
  • An Active campaign automatically becomes completed when it psses its end date. 
  • An Active campaign is visible in your retailer-branded space within the app via the in-app banner. 



  • A Completed campaign has been Active and has passed its end date without being stopped. 
  • You can view the results of your completed campaigns in the Campaign Impact Report



  • A campaign becomes Stopped when it has manually been deactivated before its end date. 
  • We highly recommend that Active campaigns are not stopped before a campaign reaches its end date as it can lead to dissatisfied customers. 
  • If you wish to change the status of your campaign to Stopped, please contact your CSM or partnersupport@yoyowallet.com


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