Yoyo’s Escalation Process

When things go wrong, you need reassurance that you'll have the support you need to get everything back up and running. And fast! 

The following steps explain how to raise any issues with Yoyo:

  1. Send an email to partnersupport@yoyowallet.com explaining your issue in as much detail as possible, and include a screenshot of the problem wherever appropriate. This will help us to understand and resolve your issue with immediacy.
  2. Use the word “Urgent” in the subject of the email and mark the email as important.
  3. CC your CSM in the email (if you have one).  

Yoyo Support

Your issue will be acknowledged and escalated internally within an hour. 

Please note that Yoyo Partner Support is available Monday - Friday, 9am - 6pm, excluding Bank Holidays.

If the request is sent outside of these hours, the Partner Support team will respond as soon as possible.

Common issues and potential resolution steps:

If you are unable to use Yoyo at the till, first check the following:

  • Are you experiencing issues with the internet? If yes, you will need to contact your internal IT Support Team or internet provider.
  • Are you receiving the error message “Yoyo unavailable at Tender”?

    This is an EPOS issue and you will need to contact your EPOS provider.

    If you are unsure of who your EPOS provider is, please email partnersupport@yoyowallet.com 

Failed transactions or voucher redemption issues:

Information required:

  • The name of the voucher you are experiencing issues with.
  • An example of the failed transaction. Please run a test transaction and provide the email address of the Yoyo account the test was performed on.
  • If unable to perform a test, please provide the outlet name, time and date the issues occurred.
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