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Yoyo not working

Are you experiencing any problems with Yoyo transactions? 

Nine times out of 10, it’s down to an issue with the internet connection.

What you need to do  

1. Make sure your tills have a stable and secure connection to the internet:

  • We strongly recommend against connecting to Guest Wifi - with most setups, devices will be asked to log back in after a certain period of time.
  • Although it may look like you are connected to the internet you may be required to login again.
  • Please check out the optimum Yoyo Connectivity Requirements below.

2. Restart the till/scanners and your internet hub. 

If required, you can find more details on scanner troubleshooting below.

If the issue continues after performing a review of the internet connection and restarting your tills please email our Partner Support team at

Please supply as much of the following information as possible:

1. An image of the error message displayed on the till.

2. Details of the issue:

  • What is the issue you are experiencing? How long has it been occurring for?
  • Is this issue happening across all outlets or is it outlet specific? If specific outlets, which outlet(s)?
  • Is the issue till specific? 
  • Has the error happened on all Yoyo transactions or a selected few? Have you noticed any patterns?

Yoyo connectivity requirements 

If internet changes or updates have been made by your IT team, please make sure the Yoyo Port numbers are updated and whitelisted. 

If you require more information on this please contact

For an optimal connection between Yoyo and your EPOS provider, we recommend verifying that they meet the following criteria: 

  1. A dedicated, stable internet connection (at least 10MB, ideally faster) and wired where possible.
  2. Access to our API endpoint URL - we do not transmit sensitive data between the EPOS and Yoyo API, however should there be an internal security requirement to 'whitelist' Yoyo's endpoint, it must be on the URL itself and not an IP address. The IP address behind Yoyo's endpoint URL is dynamic and can change at any point in time. 
  3. The ability to change Yoyo's endpoint URL within the EPOS settings.
  4. Your EPOS reconfigured to have a response timeout of 30 seconds minimum. 

Scanner Troubleshooting 

  1. Ensure all cable connections are secure and that only the supplied cables are used.
  2. Check that the screen backlight is on when reading digital barcodes off a mobile phone (if using paper barcodes, make sure it is not damaged, wrinkled, soiled or torn - barcodes may then be illegible). 
  3. Ensure that the barcode type is enabled.

Voucher Declines

The main reasons for voucher declines are: 

1. BPEXC_180 Invalid Voucher - if you see this error message at the till, it means that the items in the basket are not included in this voucher. 

If the voucher should be redeemed against the product please email with the product codes and specify the loyalty scheme it should be added to.
Or if the voucher is only valid against a specific product please ensure these conditions are added to the voucher terms and conditions. If this needs updating let us know at

2. BPEXC_181 Invalid Voucher - if you see this error message at the till it may mean that:

  • The voucher is expired, or
  • It has been removed from the users account
    E.g. by sharing the voucher, but the account has not been updated.

If your customer would like more information on their voucher, please ask them to email our Consumer Support Team directly at

3. There is an issue with the user's account. 

It may be that the customer app has timed out or needs updating. They may need to restart their app by removing it from the background of their phone or by updating the app from the App store.

For more information your customer will need to email our Consumer Support Team themselves at

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If your customers need our help they can contact our Consumer Support Team themselves via

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