What is a Points Scheme?


1. Setting up a Points Scheme

Setting up a point scheme allows your customers to earn points whenever they make a purchase. Contrary to a stamp card scheme where the customers have to buy specific products to receive a stamp, a points scheme rewards your customers, regardless of what they buy. It is one of the most engaging loyalty schemes in place as your customers will get rewarded for every purchase they make through the app.

For each £1 spent, customers will be rewarded with 100 points which they can use against items in your Points Store. Setting up a points scheme will encourage your customers to shop with you regularly and can prevent them from slipping away. 

If you want to set up a points scheme, please talk to your CSM or contact partnersupport@yoyowallet.com.

2. Creating your Points Store

The points that you can customers earn can then be exchanged for items available in your Points Store, these are called Point Rewards. You choose which items are displayed in the Points Stores, however, we do have a few recommendations (see section 3 below). 

You can create your Point Reward in Engage, check out our Video Tutorial or How-to Guide for more information. 

Any point customers spend in the points store will automatically be deducted from their Yoyo account. A voucher will then automatically appear in the customer’s app for them to redeem against an eligible item in-store. 

 3. What should be included in your Points Store?

It is important that you display a varied set of items in your Points Store to keep your customers engaged. You can easily create a great Points Store by following the below steps:

  • Thinking about the items your customer purchase regularly to make sure the Point Rewards in your Points Store are relevant to your customers.
  • Include low to high value items, so that your customers have a choice of the items the can spend their points on. 
  • Make sure your point store is dynamic and update these rewards regularly to keep your customers interested. 

Once you have a point scheme set up, you can also reward points in Campaigns, Promo Codes and Prize Draws. 


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