Order Ahead Portal

What is it?

Yoyo’s order + collect experience allows users to place orders through the apps, and collect them in-store when ready in order to beat the queue. By paying through Yoyo, users are able to choose between multiple payment cards, earn loyalty, participate in campaigns and redeem any valid vouchers - ensuring this experience is the most rewarding way to shop!

How does it work?

Orders placed on Yoyo powered apps are managed via the iOS app “Yoyo Orders for Merchants”. This app enables staff members to accept/decline new orders, view orders’ history, and pause new orders if necessary.

Upon onboarding for the feature, each outlet is provided with an identifier and a password in order to log into the app.

Navigating the portal

  • The orders management app contains three sections:
     - Orders
    - History
    - Settings
  • It is possible to navigate in-between sections from the top navbar (see below screen).


  • If the outlet is open for orders “Accepting Orders” is displayed in green on the top right hand side of the screen.
  • If the outlet is closed, in buffer time (buffer time allows the outlet to set some time where is it not open for orders even though the it is open, for example, the outlet can start taking orders 5 minutes after it opens and/or stop taking orders 10 minutes before it closes) , or has paused new orders, “Orders Paused” is displayed in red on the top right hand side of the screen.
  • If the application is offline, “Offline” is displayed on the top right hand side of the screen. 

Once an outlet has been selected, the tablet is ready to receive new orders.

 1. Active orders that have been accepted will appear here.

 2. When a customer places a new order the order alert sound will play and the new order banner will appear at the bottom of the screen. Tapping the banner will open the new order modal

Accepting new orders

Orders can be accepted or declined from the new order modal.

1. The order details are shown here, so staff can check that the order can be fulfilled and any basket notes accommodated.

2. Tapping “Accept Order” will accept the order and add it to the active orders list

3. Tapping “Decline Order” will decline the order and send it to the history tab.

4. The new order modal can be closed at any time, but the new order banner will remain until the order is actioned.


Managing orders

Active orders are managed from the “Orders” tab.

1. The selected order will be highlighted in the active orders list. By default this will be the most time-urgent order.

2. The order details will be displayed on the right hand side.

3. Once the order has been prepared, staff need to mark it as “Ready to Collect”, which will send the order to the history tab and inform the customer that their order is ready. If an order has been prepared but is not marked as “Ready to Collect”, Yoyo will not capture the payment for that order, and it will be cancelled at the end of the day.

4. Orders can be paused at any time via the top nav.

5. All orders apart from the ones in progress are recorded in the “History” tab of the portal (ready, declined, canceled, complete). Updates to the status of an order are reflected on this screen.-  Orders are displayed by the time and date at which the order was received (most recent order shown first). Instead of displaying the remaining amount of time left to prepare the order, the date and time at which the order was placed are displayed on the order information in the left column. - 1 week’s worth of orders are kept in the “History” section of the portal. 


 Pausing orders

During busy periods, staff can choose to pause orders for a set period of time. This can be done from the top nav bar (by clicking on “Accepting Orders”) or from the settings menu. When orders are paused, customers won’t be able to place new orders. Any orders that have already been accepted must still be actioned.

If orders have been paused, the paused order banner informs staff of how long orders have been paused for. Orders can be resumed immediately by tapping the “Resume Orders” button.

Orders can also be resumed by tapping on the store status indicator.

Automatic pause

 In order to ensure consumers do not place orders if staff is not mending the portal, the portal automatically goes into “pause mode” when an order is automatically declined (i.e. when a portal hasn’t been acknowledged within 15 minutes). When this arises, users see the below modal from which they can resume taking orders: 


Buffer Time/Store Closed

Users are also made aware when the store is not accepting orders due to buffer time or the store being closed. However it is not possible to resume orders when in that state. 

Logging out 

  • It is possible to log out of the portal from the settings menu (see screens below) 
    • Logging out of the portal cancels active orders and prevents consumers from placing new ones. 
    • Upon clicking on “Log Out”, users are asked to confirm whether they’re sure they want to perform this action. 

If you have any questions or need further support please reach out at partnersupport@yoyowallet.com.


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