Regulation / PCI-DSS

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Using the Yoyo payment method in your business will not impact your own PCI-DSS assessment. You are not a party to any cash transaction. Yoyo is a licensed eMoney provider (an FCA-regulated Small eMoney Institute). Any credit card transaction is executed by the user to purchase eMoney from Yoyo. 

The transaction on your premises is an eMoney transaction - not a cash transaction - we move eMoney from the user's Yoyo account to your Yoyo account. At a later point, we reduce your Yoyo balance and disburse the same amount in cash - we do not use a credit card for that transaction.

 You are not considered the Merchant in the credit card transaction in this case. 

We use industry leading payments service providers. We use their API and SDK in our product, and we do not store the user's credit/debit card details on the device (or in our database). 

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