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How do I spend my points?



  • Luminita Condurache


    I would like to ask about the way the vouchers are made available to customers. At the moment I don't have any voucher that I want to spend my points on. Why are the system so restrictive now? It's no encouragement to add points as long as you can't use them in the way you like. I'm very disappointed on how the system changed in time. If I want to by only baguettes I'd like to by only baguettes using my points. Why am I forced to buy only cakes and soups?! It's ridiculous! Would it be possible to review the system so to that the customers to be able to spend the points as they like if you offer this rewarding system? I'm ready to renounce to yoyo system, as I'm using it mostly for the reward system, if nothing can be done in this way.

    Luminita Condurache

  • Anupam Das

    Hello, when I click 'claim voucher' on the app it does not purchase a voucher, - nothing happens. Is this a bug?


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