Compass Frequently Asked Questions

General Yoyo FAQs

What is Yoyo and how much does it cost for my site?
You can find further information about what Yoyo is, why you and your customers should care about it and the Compass pricing here

Is Yoyo Secure?
Please find further information regarding security in our Security FAQs.

How does the total amount of Yoyo payments show on my till Z read?

The end of day total of Yoyo sales will show as a separate line item on the till Z read. You will see Total Cash, Total Card and Total Yoyo payments separated

How do I log Yoyo payments on Nexus?
Yoyo Payments should be combined with the Card payments when adding to Nexus

What is Yoyo Engage, and how do I get access?
Yoyo Engage is the online dashboard that can be used to see a site's Yoyo performance, number of customers, transactional data and set up/see performance of loyalty.

If you require access to Engage, please ask your Regional Manager to email our Partner Support team ( to request that your access is set up and what you should have access to.

Yoyo isn't working on my site
Please contact our Partner Support Team  including information the site name, affected outlets (if applicable), EPOS provider, error message that is showing on the till (if applicable)

I have a new team member that I want to train on Yoyo
Please find our Cashier Training resources here and Engage dashboard training resources here.

How can I update the Loyalty that I have on my site?
Stamp cards, point rewards and campaigns can be updated through Engage. Please take a look at these pages for stamp card and point reward information and this page for more information on campaigns.


The Yoyo button on the till is greyed out and looks to be locked

When attempting a Yoyo transaction on an MCR till, it is not necessary to press a 'Payment Button', which is why the Yoyo button may be greyed out. Please don't press any buttons, instead just ask the customer to scan their Yoyo Payment QR code and this should process the payment and close the basket on the till

The Loyalty that I have set up isn't working when customers are buying the corresponding items:
The Yoyo platform needs MCR System IDs to be added to the loyalty set up. These are commonly a six digit code, beginning with a '2'.
For further information regarding how these can be sourced from Symphony, please visit this link.

A Customer used a voucher for the item in the basket, it has discounted the item but not closed the basket
This sometimes occurs when a customer only uses a voucher, and does scan the Yoyo payment barcode, or finish the transaction by paying with cash or card. If the value of the basket is £0.00 once a voucher has been used, it is best to press the Cash button to fully close the basket.

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