What is a Yoyo-powered App?

A Yoyo-powered app is an app that has been developed by Yoyo in partnership with a specific retailer and allows you to pay & earn rewards simultaneously.

Additionally the Yoyo app itself aggregates all the retailers for which we have powered apps (such as Caffè Nero) alongside other high street retailers (such as Planet Organic), and education and corporate sites.

Yoyo currently powers the in-store app experiences for:

  • Caffè Nero (UK, Ireland) through the Caffè Nero App
  • Harris + Hoole through the Harris + Hoole App
  • SOHO Coffee Co. through the SOHO Coffee Co. App
  • PAUL UK through the PAUL UK App

You can earn loyalty rewards at any of the above retailers by using their Yoyo-powered app. You can also use the Yoyo Wallet App, which aggregates all retailers in one place so check it out to see which retailers you can use Yoyo at!

To use a Yoyo-powered app, download the chosen app from your native app store and create an account (the same Yoyo account can be used to log into the Yoyo Wallet app as well as any other Yoyo-powered apps). When this is done, simply scan the QR code present in the app to securely pay and instantly receive digital stamps, points or vouchers based on the loyalty schemes made available by the retailer. Your itemised digital receipts will be stored directly in your app.

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