I made a purchase but did not receive a stamp

Regular Stamps

  • Did your purchase include a qualifying product? (For example, if you are looking to complete a coffee stamp card, you might not receive a stamp when purchasing a smoothie).
  • Did you use a free voucher to make your purchase? No stamps are collected when using free vouchers to acquire a product.
  • Do you have a good internet connection?. The app may take a moment or two to update if your phone is running on a weak internet connection. To check if you have properly received your stamp, please make sure you have  good internet connection and reset your app by closing it in the background of your phone.


Bonus Stamps

You may receive a bonus stamp if you take part in a campaign or promotional offer set up by your retailer. If you think you have missed out on bonus stamp please check you have met all the campaign criteria:

    • Did you purchase your item within the correct time range/date? Campaigns and offers have an expiry date. If the campaign or offer has ended, or if it is only valid at specific hours of the day, it might not apply to your purchase. In this case, you will not be eligible for a bonus stamp.
    • Did you purchase a qualifying product? Some campaigns only apply to specific products specified in the campaign announcement.


  • Own Cup stamps: Some retailers run an “Own Cup” campaign allowing you to collect a bonus stamp when using your own cup. If you have not received your own cup bonus stamp, the cashier serving you might have forgotten to press the correct button on their till. In this case, please let us know and we’ll investigate.



If you still have questions about your stamp(s), please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will help you out.

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