My vouchers and stamps/points have disappeared

If you are no longer able to see the loyalty you have earned, don't worry, you haven’t lost it!

Please check that the account you are expecting the loyalty to appear on is the one you are currently logged into.You can do this by going into “Manage My Account” in the settings menu and checking the email address you are logged in with. If you are using the wrong account, simply log out and log back in with the correct email address to regain access to your loyalty.

Your loyalty is linked to your account rather than your device, and you will therefore be unable to see any loyalty accrued on an account you are not currently logged in with.

If you are logged in with the correct account and are still unable to see your loyalty, please make sure you have good internet connection and kill your app (by closing it in the background of your phone) in order for it to reset properly.

If you still haven’t found your hard earned loyalty, please get in touch and we’ll investigate.

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    George Hall


    I seem to have lost my stamps for buying hot meals at the Courtyard Newcastle. I don't believe I've used a voucher for hot meals as of yet.