I referred a friend but haven’t received a reward

If you have referred a friend but have not received a reward please check the following:

  • Did the referral scheme contain a reward? Some referral schemes do not include rewards. If you do not see any mention of a reward in a referral scheme description, this means a completed referral does not unlock a reward for you or for your referee.
  • Was the referral completed? The conditions of referral schemes are chosen by retailers and can therefore vary. Unless all conditions of a referral scheme have been met, the referral will not have been completed and you will not receive a reward.
  • Has the referral scheme expired? All referral schemes have an expiry date. If you no longer see a referral announcement in the app it means it has expired, and if your referee has not completed the referral’s conditions, unfortunately neither of you will receive a reward.
  • Has your referee created an account through the referral link you sent? If your referee created an account without tapping on the link you sent them, it will unfortunately not have triggered the referral and you will not receive a reward.

Has the person you’ve referred to a Yoyo-powered app already created an account or transacted at the retailer running the referral campaign? If so, they no longer can be referred to that retailer and complete the referral.

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