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Why does my number show as already in use?



  • Kaarina Pearce

    I have a new phone which I used the Nero app on. I wish to continue to use the app on my new phone but can not verify phone number as it the same number. I have one fully stamped card and 7 stamps. Phone number is 07858985524

  • Rowan Andrews

    I have the same problem as Kaarina, can you advise?

  • Janet Shaw

    I have the same problem I have 2 full vouchers but it is telling me that my details are being used by another use please advise

  • Chris Hull

    I had an iPhone. I now have an Android device.

    I transferred the SIM across, same number.

    Logged into the same account and can't verify it on the new device.

    Why have you tied verification to the device and not to the account. I can login to my account no problem on the new device but can't verify the number- even though it's the exact same number!

    Awful design.

  • Jade Graves

    I have the exact same problem it's awful!!


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