Why does my number show as already in use?

Please check the number you gave us is correct.

If the number is typo free, you may have already linked the given phone number to another account: this means you might have already created a Yoyo account* on which you have verified your phone number. Please try logging in using an alternative email address.

*Note that Yoyo Wallet powers the Caffè Nero app, the Harris + Hoole app, the Coffee#1 app, the PAUL UK App and the SOHO Coffee Co. app. The same Yoyo account will be used across all apps with one verified phone number.

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    Kaarina Pearce

    I have a new phone which I used the Nero app on. I wish to continue to use the app on my new phone but can not verify phone number as it the same number. I have one fully stamped card and 7 stamps. Phone number is 07858985524

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    Rowan Andrews

    I have the same problem as Kaarina, can you advise?

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    Janet Shaw

    I have the same problem I have 2 full vouchers but it is telling me that my details are being used by another use please advise