Registering on Yoyo

The Yoyo app is available on iOS and Android. We also have an app for merchants, so make sure you download the relevant one. Yoyo is unfortunately not available for Windows Phones.

To register on Yoyo you need a valid email address - and that's pretty much it. It's completely up to you whether you use your personal or professional email address.

To add a retailer to Yoyo Wallet, tap on Places in the navigation bar at the bottom of your screen. If you use Yoyo at university or at your workplace, tap on Add my university / Add my workplace and type in the name of your university / workplace. If you want to use Yoyo on the high street, simply scroll through the list of high street retailers that use Yoyo and tap on the heart next to the retailer you want to add to your app.

 You will then be asked to link a payment card to be able to transact with Yoyo.

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