I referred one of my friends but haven't received a reward

There could be a number of reasons for this:

  • The referral scheme has expired: Each referral scheme runs for a limited period of time. If you don’t see the referral scheme banner on the retailer’s screen anymore, this means the scheme is no longer running. As such, all the invites which have not yet been completed have expired. If your friend completed the referral after the referral scheme expiry date, you will not receive a reward.
  • The referral was not completed: Depending on the referral scheme, the person you refer may have to sign up for the app or make their first purchase at your retailer.  Please note that a voucher redemption does not count as a first purchase. If you haven’t received a reward, this means that the person you referred did not complete the referral on their end.
  • The person you referred did not download the app through the referral link: In this case the referral will not be valid as your friend did not download the app through your referral link.
  • The person you referred was already referred by somebody else: a person can only be referred to a specific retailer once. When the referral is completed, they can’t be referred again at this particular retailer.
  • The person you referred has already used their app at the retailer: a person can only be referred to a retailer if they have never transacted there. As mentioned the referral scheme is retailer specific.  If the person you referred has used the app before at that specific retailer they will no longer be able to be referred.
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