Failed Payments

Yoyo does not handle your transactions - we use a payment provider which is responsible for the transactions between Yoyo and your payment provider.

My bank declined the payment: 

Sometimes, banks will decline the transactions processed through Yoyo to protect their users. When this happens, the bank will reject the payment request and you will not be charged.

In order to rectify the situation you would need to get in touch with your bank or payment provider to ask for Yoyo payments to be properly processed. They may have put a block on Yoyo payments and you need to confirm that you recognise Yoyo and want to transact through the app.

Other issues affecting payments:

We will send you an email whenever there is a failed payment on your account. Please make sure that your payment card is still valid (i.e. not expired) and that you have enough funds on your account. 




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