Yoyo currently operates in the UK and the Republic of Ireland. We have partnered with a lot of retailers and keep expanding at a rapid pace. 

You can see your 'favourite' retailers on your home screen. Anytime you make a transaction at a retailer, the corresponding retailer will appear on your home screen so you can keep track of you loyalty progress and available offers. 

If you use yoyo at a place of education or place of work, you can edit this information by going to settings > set place of education/work. By selecting a place, the retailers associated with this location will appear on your home screen. 

If you want to see where else you can use Yoyo, you can tap on 'Find Retailers' from a tile on your home screen or you can go to Settings > Retailers. You will be able to see a list of high street retailers that accept Yoyo. Just make a transaction at one of these stores and they will appear on your home screen.


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