Unknown Yoyo Transaction

If you see a Yoyo payment that you do not recognise on your bank statement even if you do not have a Yoyo account yourself, this does not mean that your card details have been compromised:

- Do you have the Caffè Nero App  or the Harris and Hoole App on your phone? If so, the mystery is solved - Yoyo Wallet is the technology partner for the Caffè Nero app and the Harris and Hoole app. The Yoyo system processes your payments, this means that your payments first come to Yoyo before being forwarded to Caffè Nero and Harris and Hoole. This is the reason why Yoyo appears on your bank statement.

- Do you share your card details with anyone else (spouse, children etc.)? If so, ask them first if they have created a Yoyo account.

If none of the above is applicable to your situation, before taking any measures, please email support@yoyowallet.com straight away. 


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