Why do I need to verify my identity? (KYC)

We are required, by law, to ask all our users that spend over £1,500 in any given 12 months to verify their identity in order to comply with UK banking regulation called "Know Your Customer" (KYC).

It is an anti-corruption, anti-money laundering, anti-fraud measure in accordance with the rules of the UK Money Laundering Regulations 2007. Failure to comply with this means we could lose our license to facilitate payments!

We are legally required to ask for:

  • One valid ID (Driving License, Passport or National Identity Card)
  • One valid proof of address (Utility bill or a bank/credit/debit statement dated within the last 3 months, and containing your address - feel free to censor sensitive information)


Failure to do this means we will have to suspend your account!


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