Payment Card - Linking, Updating, Removing

Linking your card

To transact with Yoyo, you need to attach a funding source to your account. We accept Debit and Credit cards from Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Linking your card will not disrupt any existing programs run by your card provider (such as cashback, points, Air Miles etc.) 

You can link your card in one of two ways:

1. By clicking on "Link Card" underneath the QR code on the home screen of your app

2. By going to Settings > Manage My Card.

You can either enter your card information manually or click on "Scan" underneath the Camera icon to scan your card. 


Updating your payment details

To change your card, you can either click on the grey banner displaying your card's last 4 digits, underneath the QR code, or alternatively, go to Settings> Manage my Card. Click on "Unlink" and add your new payment details afterwards. 


Removing your Card

Go to Settings > Manage My Card > Unlink. 

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