I can no longer see the Offers in my Yoyo app

There are 2 scenarios in which your In-App deals may no longer be visible - however don't worry! They have not gone anywhere.

1. You are an Irish user in the UK

If your phone is set to "Ireland" you will only see in-app purchases in euros, which means that if the retailer you transact at does not have any in-app deals set in euros, you will not be able to see anything under the Offers for you section.

You would then need to set your phone to "United Kingdom" in order to see the Offers in pounds. 


2. You are a UK user in Ireland

The same logic as above applies - if your phone is set to "United Kingdom" you will only see the Offers in pounds and will not have access to the offers in euros unless you change your phone settings to "Ireland" 


If you need further information please feel free to contact us at support@yoyowallet.com 

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