Yoyo Wallet Linked Bank Account Customers Additional Terms

Additional T&Cs for Linked Bank Account customers

These additional terms and conditions form part of the Yoyo Wallet Consumer Account Terms and should be read in conjunction with them,


1. If the functionality is available, the Yoyo Services may allow you to link a bank account (the Linked Bank Account) to your Account. If you choose to do this, you will be redirected from the Yoyo App to your bank’s app or website where you will be informed by them of the information you agree with them that they may share with Yoyo (the Shared Banking Information). The Shared Banking Information will include, but is not necessarily limited to, your name, your bank account number and sort code and details of your bank account transactions.

2. Yoyo will not store the bank account number and sort code of the Linked Bank Account, but will retain the last 4 digits of the Linked Bank Account number to enable you to identify that account in the App.

3. If you agree to make the Shared Banking Information available to Yoyo:

3.1 A representation of the Linked Bank Account will be shown in the Yoyo App with the last 4 digits of the account number visible

3.2 Any new transactions made on the Linked Bank Account will be sent to and stored by Yoyo

3.3 Any new transactions made on the Linked Bank Account at Merchants that accept Yoyo and support Linked Bank Accounts, using the physical debit card (or a virtual representation of the debit card stored in a phone, watch or other device) that is associated with the Linked Bank Account (the Linked Debit Card) will be shown in the Yoyo App

4. Linked Debit Card transactions shown in the Yoyo App will include the value and date of the transaction, and the Merchant the transaction was made at

5. Collection of loyalty points using the Linked Debit Card

5.1 Where a Merchant is running a points based loyalty scheme (i.e. one where points are issued by the Merchant pro rata on the transaction value, and can later be exchanged for discounted or free items from the same Merchant) and the Merchant’s loyalty scheme rules permit collection of points in this way

5.2 Points will be awarded by the Merchant in accordance with its scheme rules on transactions made by you at the Merchant using the Linked Debit Card, as if you had used the Yoyo App to complete the payment at the Merchant

5.3 Any such points will be added to your points balance with that Merchant that is displayed in your Account.

6. As outlined in paragraphs 6.1 and 6.2 of the Yoyo Consumer Account Terms, the relevant Merchant (not Yoyo) is the promoter of all offers and promotions it runs, including its loyalty schemes and the relevant Merchant alone is responsible for the terms and conditions that apply to their loyalty schemes and for making sure that you are aware of them.

7. You may, at any time, revoke the Yoyo App access to the Linked Bank Account by using your bank's app or website to remove Yoyo’s permissions to access the Shared Banking Information. Such revocation of permission will not require Yoyo to delete Shared Banking Information already held by Yoyo, which will be retained by Yoyo as stated in our Transparency Statement. Such revocation will not remove past Linked Debit Card transactions that are shown in the Yoyo App, nor will it remove any loyalty points accrued against those Linked Debit Card transactions

8. Your bank (and not Yoyo) is solely responsible for the provision, availability, security and all other aspects of the Application Programming Interface (the API) that will be used by the Yoyo Services to access the Linked Bank Account. Yoyo’s use of such API will be subject to the terms and conditions issued by your bank.


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